Freehold 3 bedroom detached bungalow armchair investment

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Posted: 2 May 2014


I have forsale my lvly 3 bedroom detached bungalow with front and back gardens wooden floors tilled bathroom etc over in michigan usa comes allready tennanted wich brings in over £300 a month I have in place a long term single lady tennant who doesnt want to move so rest assured this place will generate income for years to come. Its a freehold property with no debts I also have a management team over there who do evrything for me wich are great they only fing ull need to do is set up a bank account on were u want the rent paying into bein azz its allready up and running I have proof of this thru my bank wich I can show u. u may wondering why im selling and its because Im allowed my driving licence back in september bein az I got baned so ill be able to leave this dead end job and from the sale of this be able to buy a van and tools and invest in my friends gardening empire that is the only reason of sale else ide never sell it if I didnt need to release any money the good thing about buying from me is u can actualy come round and I can go thru the ins and out ull be able to speak with my management company see present day videos photos made specificly for u inside and out the property here what the tennat has to say etc this is a lot more secure bein as ive done this. And thru experience its allready set up for u to start receiving the rent from day 1 u may have been on zoopla and noticed a few properties on there but with me u have that addid security were as u can view before u buy even hear what my tennant has to say I no for a FACT u wont get that from any company on zoopla. . Open to sensible offers

pictures and more info up soon

Property type: House